About Us

In an age when large corporations seem to dictate what product choices we consumers have, many local family businesses continue to offer a sanctuary of alternatives to their customers with product variety and human interaction.  One family-run mattress store in Pottstown is a case in point. Magic Sleeper has spent the past 37 years giving mattress shoppers an insider’s glimpse into the mattress industry, focusing on what is inside of the mattresses they sell, so that customers can look beyond marketing and pretty covers in order to make an educated decision.  Whether customers visit the Pottstown warehouse, or shop on-line from out of state, the owners, Mark, John, and Christina, are eager to talk candidly and objectively about the pros and cons of mattress types according to the application, and not the general sweeping statement that customers hear all too often: “this is the best” without any information on how, why, or the life expectancy of this “most comfortable mattress.”  Magic Sleeper offers mattresses made of all foam and all types of foam, and also offers a variety of innerspring models. Whether for home RV, or boat, check out and learn about your options. You’ll have more choices than you thought possible!