Adjustable Beds

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Why an Adjustable Base at Magic Sleeper?
Don’t settle for the stripped down, no-option adjustable bases that the  big box stores try to sell. Instead get the options you deserve, like the wall hugger option and I phone compatibility option for the same price as their basic model. Get a more restful and energizing sleep on a genuine Leggett and Platt electric bed.  Magic Sleeper carries adjustable bases with gel foam mattresses; power bases with memory foam mattresses; and adjustable foundations with latex mattresses. As a matter of fact, we carry over 35 adjustable bed mattresses that are adjustable bed friendly.

According to Bed Times Magazine, the adjustable bed category is growing rapidly for several reasons. One important reason is that the general public is becoming more aware of the health benefits of adjustable bases. Relieving pressure points, relaxing neck and back muscles, and allowing better circulation, are just a few of the benefits. Merchandising is another reason that production is on the rise for these products. Finally, the overall perception of power, or electric bases has changed from people viewing them as hospital or geriatric products, to products that perform functions that help people sleep and to utilize all of the electronic gadgets that require one to be able to sit up and relax at the same time.

The health benefits of adjustable beds are the result of ergonomics.  It seems that the human body is in a much more relaxed state when the legs are elevated and the upper body in at an incline as well. This position takes the pressure away from the joints in the knees and hips. It seems that raising the back in a uniform manner is much more comfortable than using more than one pillow to prop up the head in order to read or watch TV. Better circulation is achieved by being in a “zero gravity” position, in which pressure points are relieved. Some beds even have an additional elevation for just the neck. This feature is used to fine tune comfort and to also provide a seven degree elevation to help eliminate snoring.

Modern adjustable foundations also have a “wall hugger,” or “wall climber” option, which reduces the gap between the bed and the wall when the head is elevated. This feature keeps the nightstand within reach and allows partners to remain in eye contact no matter which setting each chooses.
Public awareness of the benefits of adjustable beds has increased to the point where electric beds are trendy among younger consumers. Power bases are no longer a piece of hospital furniture. Power bases now come with I phone chargers and can actually be controlled with a smart phone, while controlling other electronics in the room. The idea of typing in bed would have been inconceivable just a few short years ago, but is now an option for those who work from home. According to Jimmy Grimes, senior group vice president of sales for power  foundations at Leggett & Platt in Carthage, Mo., “estimates that the adjustable foundation category has grown about 10% in the past five years but ‘“in the past year or two,”’ he says, ‘“it has been closer to 25%.”’1. We at Magic Sleeper have seen growth in this area as well and are proud to be a part of this trend.

There are many types of adjustable bases, and each has features that may or may not be necessary for you. For example, if you do not use nightstands, then the wall hugger option may not be needed. The same could be true for the Iphone remote option. If you plan on using just the head lift option then a bed that raises head and feet may not be needed. Some customers would prefer a wired remote to avoid the hassle of batteries and finding it when misplaced. Therefore all options of adjustable bases must be considered when shopping:

·         Super heavy duty steel constructed with a powder coated finish 6 legs with locking casters.

·         “Wall hugger” design

·          Strong Mattress retainer bar.

·          Headboard brackets included.

·         Designed to fit within existing bed rails.
·         Fully upholstered in a quilted circular knit fabric – looks just like a conventional foundation.

·         2 heavy duty lift motors.

·         Virtually unlimited head and foot positions increase comfort, improve relaxation,    help breathing and relieve stress on your lower back

  • 70° upright angle makes it easy to read, watch TV, or use a laptop
  • Single button to automatically return mattress to the flat position
  • Memory buttons store up to 4 memory positions
  • Head and foot massage with rolling wave feature
  • Separate adjustments for massage intensity and rolling wave intensity
  • Backlit buttons light up when a button is pressed for better visibility in low light environments
  • Remote works without pointing it directly at the receiver
  • Quiet operation with strong pulling/pushing power and a long service life mean greater reliability
  • Exclusive Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for upgradability
  • Metal motor housings for durability
  • 9 volt battery back-up for reserve power
  • Bed can be lowered during power outage or remote failure
  • Adjustable headboard brackets are reinforced for stability and adjust to fit common headboard sizes
  • Longer rails eliminate “foot droop”

These electric beds can also be raised and lowered by using different length legs that are available in 2” increments.

Adjustable Bases for Sleep Apnea

There are many ways to overcome the symptoms of sleep apnea, the most common ones involving breathing exercises, such as those used in Yoga, the Buteyko method, or didgeridoo playing. What many people might not be aware of are the benefits of using beds that raise the head.

Before you buy a Temper-pedic® Memory Foam Adjustable Bed or a Craftmatic memory foam adjustable bed, we urge you to compare it to our version. We offer better prices, comparable quality, and most of all, superior service. You could save hundreds, and in some cases, thousands, compared to Tempur-Pedic® – DeluxeBed – BellaFina – Rhapsody – AlluraBeds – Cloud Supreme and Cloud Luxe models.

1 Best, Mary. “Dream machines: Adjustable bases charting big sales gains.” BedTimes Magazine. November 2011. Retrieved 2014-4-20.