Latex International

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~~Since 1975, Latex International has been producing Talalay Latex in Connecticut. Latex International brand latex foam has become the standard by which other latex is compared. We, at Magic Sleeper have concluded over the years that Latex International’s products are precise, consistent, and of the best quality; all of which can only be the result of extremely high quality control standards. Many people wonder whether or not all talalay latex beds are the same or whether all talalay latex beds are the best. We feel that there are differences between manufacturers, and that Latex International has proven to be of the highest quality.
Latex International specializes in the Talalay process. This process allows for more precision in ILD, because the mold is pre-vacuumed, and then frozen to 20 degrees Farenhiet. Bubbles are then evenly distributed throughout the foam by having Carbon Dioxide (CO2) injected into the foam matrix to create carbonic acid (CO2+H2O-> H2CO3). The foam is then dried and washed. The result is a supportive foam that can have a predetermined ILD that depends on the needs of the end user. For example, a 45 ILD is an ideal support layer, while a 25 ILD would serve as a pressure-relieving top layer. Other ILDs include, for pressure relief layers, ILD’s: 14, 19, 24, 28, 32. ILD’s for support cores include 36, 40, and 44.
Aside from Latex International, there are many other leading latex foam manufacturers. A brief description of those companies in this uncommon field are as follows:

LatexCo West, located in Buena Park, CA, , offers Talalay both blended and natural, and Dunlop 100% natural.

Latex International, in Shelton, CT, , is one of the only two latex manufacturers in the U.S.; producing strictly Talalay Latex in 100% natural and blended.

LatexCo East, in Lavonia, GA, , is the other latex producer in the U.S.; producing strictly 100% natural talalay.

LatexCo, in Tielt, Belgium, , produces with their exclusive Dunlop-lux process in the form of 50% natural or less.

Radium Foam, in the Netherlands, , is the world’s largest latex producer, and uses the talalay process in all-natural or blended.

Coco Latex, in Kerala, India, , produces Dunlop only in 100% natural and blended.

Latex Green, in Brampton, ON, , uses the Dunlop process only and makes only 100% natural latex foam.

Arpico, in Biyagama, Sri Lanka, , produces all-natural latex in the Dunlop process.

Bankok, Thailand