Our History

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Magic Sleeper was founded in 1979 by Elizabeth and Tony Santos and has been operated by the same family ever since. During the 1980s, Magic Sleeper had built a loyal customer base by providing quality mattresses with dependable service. Custom mattress sizes were popular from the very beginning. Tony felt that his business had truly become established when an interior decorator commissioned Magic Sleeper to build a custom sized mattress for Al Pacino’s New York suite. Customers have placed orders from England, Canada, and even the Caribbean. By the late 1980s Elizabeth Tony’s and children had begun learning how to build a quality mattress and how to view business as a way to serve their local community. Three of Elizabeth and Tony’s children took over operations when Tony passed away in 2000. Two of Magic Sleeper’s current employees were hired by Tony in 1979. Magic Sleeper is one of the few mattress firms in the country where you can speak to the owner in person. In recent years Magic Sleeper has been expanding its product line with various types of models made by other local factories. This trend began in 1992 when several Serta Mattress models were first introduced from the Lancaster plant. More recently Magic Sleeper has designed a 2-sided mattress with a lifetime warranty that is built by a local Amish family, available only in Magic Sleeper’s Pottstown, PA mattress Showroom.Magic Sleeper now sells organc latex mattresses, boat mattresses and RV mattresses. The owners of Magic Sleeper feel that they did not simply inherit from their parents the knowledge of what makes the best mattress; they more importantly learned how to build lifelong trust with their customers.