Mattress Repair Service

When it comes to mattress repair services, we have seen all of the repair needs you can imagine. Magic Sleeper offers a mattress repair service which includes fixing a soft or sagging mattress, top cover repair, side support repair, and cover replacement.

Many people have soft mattresses that do not meet the requirements of the mattress warranty. We can replace your foam or cover to alleviate the sag and make your mattress firmer.

We also repair sagging sides of the mattress. Sitting on the side of your mattress can cause the side of you mattress to permanently sag or dip. We can make the sides firmer and more supportive by fixing or replacing the side support foam.

When your dog or cat thinks your mattress is its new toy, we’ve got you covered! We can repair or replace mattress tops for torn or chewed covers.

Call Magic Sleeper for all of your mattress repair needs at 610-327-2322.


Mattress Resizing Service

If you need an odd sized mattress from Casper, Leeza, Tuft and Needle, Purple, or any other mattress company, we can help. The popular online mattresses being sold today do not offer special sized mattress for three quarter beds, antique beds, boats, and RV’s such as short queen, RV bunk mattresses, and other camper mattress sizes. With over 39 years of manufacturing experience, we have the craft and expertise to alter the size of your mattress of any dimension. Simply order your mattress from your favorite store online and ship it directly to us. We will alter the size you request and ship it to you. Our altering services are $350 which includes shipping and handling. It is that simple. Please call before ordering your mattress. 610-327-2322


Pillow Fitting Service

Magic Sleeper offers a free of charge pillow fitting service. There is no purchase necessary for this service. Visit our store and we will properly fit you for a pillow that keeps your neck and spine in alignment while offering a comfortable sleeping solution for your needs. We offer side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, and combination pillows with different depths. Purchasing a pillow online or even in a department or strip mall store can be a difficult purchase if you cannot try it first. We have over 45 mattresses on display for you to comfortably and privately test your pillow.


Zip Link Service

Magic Sleeper’s Zip Link Service is a unique way to offer mattresses for couples with different weights, for couples who prefer different firmness, or for couples who toss and turn. ┬áThis service is also available for couples who own or want to purchase adjustable beds in a split queen or split king, but do not want to feel a gap or have mattress separation in the middle of the bed. ┬áCall or visit our showroom with your partner so that we can show you your options for mattresses available for our Zip Link Service.